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23/09/2017 Alice Yard

Archipelagos (Studio @ AY)

Power Cables, lamp cords, incandescent light bulbs, sugar

Clutch (Box @ AY)

Egg shells, cast sugar, camphor, soot

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09/09/2017 Alice Yard

White room (Box @ AY)

Power cables, single burner hot plates, cast
aluminium pots, brown cane sugar, vapour

Invisible rope (Studio @ AY)

Found footwear (or part of), paraffin wax candle, flame

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I can say that my practice; the making, and then the
presenting of works, is motivated in no small part by curiosity. I expect that
is the case for many artists. The presentation of these works engage specific
questions about conceptual object-making, presentation and meaning in my

 “ - ” (span) is made up of a group of objects,
gestures and experiments developed/produced over an as yet unclassified period
of time that I wish to be considered as belonging to the same body of work, as
they address similar concerns for me conceptually. They present similar
questions in the way the works can behave or can be encountered. They each emerge
from my interest in the beauty and efficacy of reductive forms of art making
and the ability for such simple/elegant, objects/actions/gestures to carry the
burden of meaning and memory.

In the making, I ask of the work “if I am interested in
memory, mortality, time, loss, history and place, what does this material
mean?” In the presenting of these works I can ask “will these works, developed
through my interest and concerns around minimalism, post-minimalism, Arte
Povera, conceptualism and sculpture - channelled through Anglophone, West
Indian, third world, polyethnic sensibilities be read as subtle/mundane because
of their scale, material, presentation or performance? Or will they read as
aggressive works because of the discourses they foreground?”

This will be the first time I will be presenting these works
in this way, to be thought of in this way.

I have come consider these works to be
difficult, or ‘at risk.’ For me they slip in and out of
definition/classification. They are ephemeral, difficult to see, tedious,
hostile, insidious and unremarkable. They are loaded, dense and unstable - like
the bodies/lives they are stand in’s for. They are notes in the margins of a
history and representation that call to attention the jeopardy that history and representation place
bodies like my own, like our own.

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